Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Erroneous Errata

This list includes all of the errata in version 1.0 of Heroes Against Darkness:

Page 6: Method 1: Normal Player Characters should say 'cumulative total of 63'.
Pages 19-21: 'Common' should be 'Middle-Tongue'.
Page 57: Ranged Attack Powers does not specify that they require line of sight.
Page 75: Winging Shot damage should be '+ Ranged', not '+ Melee'.
Page 84: Shocking Ray missing range component.
Page 88: Bolster refers to 'Anima' instead of 'anima'.
Page 88: Quake refers to 'Anima' instead of 'anima'.
Page 88: Seize Initiative missing 'from you' at the end of the effect area component.
Page 88: Steady refers to 'Anima' instead of 'anima'.
Page 88: Steady anima cost should be 'X Anima'.
Page 134: 'Giants' is misspelled as 'Gaints'.
Page 139: 'princes of princesses' should be 'princes or princesses'.
Page 157: Minotaur art overlaps text.

Note: God knows what happened with Page 88. I must have been watching Game of Thrones that day.

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  1. "d20 + Modifiers >= Target" must be "d20 + Modifiers ≥ Target"

  2. Yep, I considered that, but I'd had some problems with non-standard ascii characters already, so I didn't want to take the chance of that character not showing up on some PCs.

    1. Try to embed or subset the problematic font in the pdf.

    2. All the fonts are set to embed, but I've had problems with bullet points and the 1/2 symbol in certain fonts.

  3. Page 139 - Prince/Princess

    "....most senior of the princes of princesses."

    Should be ....most senior of the princes or princesses."

  4. Or put it as a little image.