Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Presenting "Hero Kids" RPG for Kids

I've been pretty quiet about RPG stuff lately because I've been beavering away on my next project.   Regular readers know that a while ago I made up some simple RPG rules to play with Violet and since I finished the first version of Heroes Against Darkness I've been working on turning those simple rules into a real game.

This project now has a name: Hero Kids

Hero Kids is a fantasy RPG for kids aged 4-10. It uses a combination of cool hero artwork, fast play and simple opposed combat mechanics to introduce kids to RPGs.

I'm looking for volunteers who want to alpha test the rules on their own kids ahead of the game's release on DriveThruRPG later this year.

This is your last chance to hit me up here, on G+ or on my gmail if you want an invite the playtest the game!

In the mean-time, here's a real-life RPG for grown-ups:
Heroes Against Darkness: Downloads.


  1. Heroes Against Darkness impressed me.

    Hero Kids has a better than good chance of impressing me AND my son! :D

    Sign me up, please.


  2. Great idea! If only my son was a bit older. One day... one day!