Monday, 30 April 2012

Heroes Against Darkness Version 1.0 Released!

Well, editing has taken several weeks longer than I anticipated but it's done now, so v1.0 of Heroes Against Darkness is released:

The major changes and updates for this revision are:

• Changed Stabilize to be a major action, not a full action
• Changed opposed movement to be a major action, not a move action
• Rewrote Introduction and Character Creation intro
• Updated character sheet
• Updated character creation instructions
• New art for races
• Added Smack It Off power for some monsters
• Added Shake It Off by default for all monsters
• Edit pass over entire document (kill me)
• New cover art, take that!
• Clarified that magic doesn’t stack on Attacks/Defenses
• Fixed Divine Strike anima cost
• Changed immobilized condition to be –2 to Defenses
• Clarified rogues’ Backstab Attack power
• Added ghouls, kobolds and lich to Beasts & Bastards
• Adjusted several necromancer spells to have X costs
• Clarified that allies are other creatures, not the character
• Added swooshy thing at the top of all pages
• Updated monster art
• Added cover art page
• Split Acknowledgements from Art Credits
• Moved Combat and Role-Playing Encounter sections

Check out Heroes Against Darkness over at the downloads page: Heroes Against Darkness - Game Rules.


  1. Congratulations! Looking very forward to trying this out for real!

  2. I'm loving the read through so far. I'll review it once I'm done.

  3. WOwW this is dang fine! free rpgs like this make me happy!

  4. I have a question. Each of the classes gets powers/spells each level. Do they automatically get all the powers/spells of that level, or do they choose one or a couple or what?

    1. Yep, you automatically get all of the powers of your level and lower (Page 57 of the Player's Guide).

  5. I am astounded by just how professionally put together this is. It's a beautifully written and conceived system that just begs to be read, digested and played. I'm part-through the first part of that now and loving what I am reading so far. Can't wait to play it.

    Thank you. Superb.