Friday, 13 July 2012

Sour Grapes vs. The ENnies

The ENnie nominations have just been released, and I've got a huge case of sour grapes!

Heroes Against Darkness may not have been released by some hot (or huge) company, but it's an actual free product than anyone can download and play and use forever for free.

Let's take a quick look at the their best 'free' products:

An adventure that was available free for one day of the year:
Black Crusade: Broken Chains

A demo of a real paid RPG (Dragon Age):
Dragon Age: Quickstart Rules

A short adventure released as a promo for a real paid RPG:
The One Ring: Words of the Wise

A conversion guide from Pathfinder to Shadowlands?:
Shadowlands Conversion Guide

Another short adventure released as a promo for a real paid RPG (Pathfinder):
Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins!

UPDATE: There is a free download of the Black Crusade adventure, but it wasn't on the first ENnie nomination post, and before the nominations came out you'd have to find the link through Google (not through the ENnies or the publisher):

Here's what a real free product looks like, enjoy:
Heroes Against Darkness: Downloads.


  1. To be fair, with a little Google-fu, you can find the Black Crusade adventure right now. here it is in fact.

    It's still a demo of a major game you would have to buy, so I see your point, I just wanted you to know you could still at least grab a free download of it.

    1. Ta, so it's just the ENnies link that's incorrect.

  2. You can't really be blamed. Almost all of the ENnie awards are for people in the inner circle, and the only certain way to get nominated is to personally know a judge.

    1. I wouldn't actually mind not being nominated if the competition was actually a bunch of real free products that didn't require the same company's free products to play!